Warning! Are House Cleaning Products Invading Your Home?

July 12, 2011 6:06 AM

Have you ever looked under  the kitchen sink of some one else ‘s  cabinet to see all the house cleaning products  they have under there?  We have been programed to think that all the name brand cleaners are the ones that work really well because they smell the best, and will get rid of all the germs in our homes. This however is a myth.

House Cleaning ProductsThere are so many harmful house cleaning products out there that we bring into our homes, that they can have a effect health wise on our family.  We have to be careful what we use to clean with because of the chemicals that are in the cleaners.

House Cleaning Products Can Affect Our Health

Studies have shown that the chemicals in some of the cleaning products can cause migraines, birth defects,  and even cancer.  We don’t have to use harsh chemicals any more to get our homes clean and healthy, because CLEAN has no smell!  Household cleaners  that use fragrance  sometimes fool us because we feel if it smells clean, then its clean!

Non- toxic Cleaners, and Non Toxic Cleaning  Is Safe To Use

Non-Toxic house cleaning cleaners are earth friendly and safe to use. We need to learn to use these products to clean our homes, they will reduce the chemical overload in the toxic house cleaning products we use already in our home.   Non toxic cleaners are lemon oil, vinegar, green works  , Mrs. Meyers, etc…  TIP:   Vinegar can be used to clean your  windows and shines and polishing fixtures like no other cleaner.  In doing all of this remember to keep your house dusted and vacuumed to get rid of the dust mites that invade your home, it will make your house safe to live, breathe, and your kids to play if you do this regularly.  You can check out non toxic house cleaning to find more options should you need professional services to clean your home.

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