Toilet Cleaning

April 1, 2022 4:42 PM

Learning how to make your bowl shine is extremely important, as there are lots of bacteria
and grime or unwanted compounds in the toilet. That’s why you want to address the
situation properly and find the right way to clean your toilet adequately and without
any issues.


Toilet Cleaning


It’s all a matter of finding the right cleaning solutions and adapting appropriately. With
that being said, here are the things to take into account.


Use vinegar or baking soda 

Vinegar is particularly helpful because it’s known to clean a variety of surfaces. Thanks to
its acidity it can easily remove bacteria and clean stuff with great ease. You can spray some
white vinegar and let it sit, then scrub with the toilet brush and you are good to go. Baking
soda is also a good option too.


Combine it with some white vinegar and you will be able to remove most stains within the
toilet bowl. Some people even add some tea tree essential oil to this mixture in order to
improve the smell and enhance the overall antibacterial protection.



The main benefit of borax is that it can be suitable for deodorizing your toilet appropriately
and with extraordinary success. You can sprinkle some in the toilet bowl, add half a cup of
white vinegar around the bowl, let it soak in and that’s it. Scrub and you will see it all gets
handled fast and without any real issues. That’s what really makes it shine. 


Coca Cola cleansing 

Not a lot of people know this, but coca cola does help dissolve the rust rings in the toilet.
Pour a full can and then let it sit for an hour. The soda breaks down all those stains, you scrub
with the toilet brush and you are good to go. It’s definitely an unusual approach but it works,
and that’s the thing that matters the most at the end of the day.


Pumice stone toilet cleaning 


Pumice stones are a great way to remove the ring within the bowl. Soak it in warm water
and then scrub the stain until it’s gone. The thing to note here is that you want to avoid
scrubbing too much as it can become a clear issue and you can damage the toilet bowl.


Boiling water 

Sometimes all you have to do is to put some boiling water as it can help you clean stains
and also unclog the stubborn pipes. It’s a great DIY approach and it actually works better
than you imagine. Which is why you want to check it out for yourself, and the benefits can
be second to none.


We recommend using all these toilet cleaning tips if you want to keep that toilet bowl
sparkling. It doesn’t take a lot of time to clean the toilet, and if you do it often you can
get some really good results. We recommend giving it a try for yourself and you will be
quite amazed with the experience and results. 

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