The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Cleaning

June 14, 2017 5:30 PM

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When it comes to house cleaning, it is very easy to get lost in the midst of all that needs to be done. You have
to clean the windows, do the laundry, make sure the dishes and the kitchen are always clean and then there is
that perpetually dirty bathroom as well as the living room. Honestly, it can all be too much for one person if they
do not have a system. This is the ultimate house cleaning cheat sheet that will help you get more done in as little
time as possible as well as to keep the house clean for much longer.


House cleaning cheat sheet


– Start by de-cluttering your house: Clutter represents more things that need to be cleaned. De-clutter
regularly to reduce that and clear up space in your home.


– While cooking, always clean as you go: Ensure that there is clean soapy water in the sink when you start
cleaning. This will give you a chance to wash used dishes while you wait for things to cook. Also, always put
away things you have already finished using such as spices.


– Always clean spills immediately: It is much easier to wipe spills off when they are still fresh. Dried spaghetti
sauce will take longer and more work to clean.


– Insist on your home being a shoe-free zone: Shoes are the number one culprit for tracking in dirt and debris especially on wet months such as winter. Insist on everyone removing their shoes at the door.


– Avoid washing windows on warm sunny days: As much as doing this might sound like an excellent idea, you
will find that the sun dries your cleaning agent on your windows before you have had a chance to wipe it off
thus making your work much harder. Try washing your windows on cool days instead.


You could also have a house cleaning service on call. This makes things much easier considering the fact that
cleaning services do a thorough job every time they come to your house. This will leave you with simple wipe
and mob up jobs as opposed to fully blown cleaning and dusting work. If you’re in the market for a professional
cleaning service you can book online in 60 seconds at

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