Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

February 2, 2015 2:17 AM

Cleaning Hardwood Floors There are various and simple tips that you can always rely
on for cleaning hardwood floors. These will ensure that your hardwood floor
remains shiny throughout. The tips include:

Watch the furniture polish and hairspray

The two are suitable for clouding a hardwood floor. To ensure
thorough cleaning, you need spray with window cleaner that is non-ammonia.

Vacuum the floor on weekly basis

Proper vacuuming of the floor is necessary as it maintains
the appearance besides protecting the finish of the floor.

Protect from rain

Rain has great effect on hardwood floor. Therefore one of
the best tips of cleaning hardwood floors is to ensure it is not rained on by
closing all the windows because when rained on, the water may penetrate into
the floor that will eventually stain it. Trays under the potted plants are also
required for immediate wiping of any water on the surface.

Use no-wax wood cleaner to remove residue

This is the best way to do away with small stains on the
floor before they become bigger.

The other suitable tips for cleaning hardwood floors

Abiding to the rules of using restorers and

Use area mugs to protect high traffic zones.

Use a doormat that is extra-long.

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