Speed Cleaning

September 18, 2019 7:45 PM

Speed Cleaning

There are so many reasons a clean house is important to us, but the most
single one is that when our house is clean we can function much better.
Running a house cleaning business you tend to learn how to efficiently
clean to make things easier on one’s self. In this post I will share so trusted
and tried speed cleaning tips to get you started  in your quest to a
sparkling home!  Ready, get set and GO


Speed Cleaning Checklist

Gather Your Supplies- The fewer supplies you use the better off  you are.
Here are a few things you will need to get started.


  • Microfiber rags
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Storage bin for picking up things on floor


How To  Speed Clean Your House:

Start a one end of the home ( Start in master bedroom 1st ) then
then move to all bedrooms and bathrooms ending with the living
room and kitchen.


Cleaning is much easier to do when everything in the home has a place
to go. Use a large storage bin or laundry basket to pick up items that
are on the floor, and lying around like papers, shoes, toys, etc..


After collecting the items on the floor don’t forget to put them away.



Save the sweeping , mopping, and vacuuming till the very end. If you
have hardwood floors use a flat mop to use o your floors. If you’re
keeping up on this once a week then they should not be too dirty.


Glass Mirrors:

Use a lint free microfiber rag to clean your mirrors.



When cleaning your showers & tubs make sure to spray down good
and clean them , this should be done after every use to make it easier.


Wipe down the counter top, and fixtures, and make sure t clean the
sink out.  Shine the mirrors as well.  Don’t forget to disinfect the
toilet inside & out using a different cleaning rag of course!




Make all the beds.  The room will look much cleaner when the beds are
made. Even when there is stuff on floors etc.. making the bed makes the
room look much neater.  Don’t forget to dust all the furniture.


Living Room/ Dining Area

Pick up everything off the floors. Dust all the surfaces. Straighten
pillows on couches, vacuum the couches if there is pet hair present.



Hand wash dishes and unload dishwasher to put dishes in. Wipe
down all counter tops, the top of stove, inside & out of microwave.
Make sure to clean & dry & shine your sink.



























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