How Often Do People Clean Their House?

December 16, 2013 12:24 AM

Residential Cleaning

With the holiday season coming up on us, it has been a frantic mess for everyone to start their winter house cleaning. While a lot of long-time homeowners have mastered the skills to theResidential Cleaning
letter, a lot of independent, young people just starting on their own may have
some difficulty trying to balance their new-found freedom, with financial
liabilities, job responsibilities, and social commitments taking on the tasks of residential cleaning.

One of the well-known house cleaning facts is that the best way to clean is to do a little bit everyday. It takes significantly less effort to wipe your counters for one minute every few days, than it would to take hours scrubbing month-old grease out. Surveys show a lot of
newly independent people tend to postpone cleaning as much as possible until
the house gets out of order.

Some general house cleaning facts about time-management include making sure dishes and kitchen-tops are cleaned every day. Some general sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming are also recommended two to three times every week, to avoid dust accumulation. The bathroom, while no one’s favorite chore, has to be cleaned at least once a week to avoid putrid
washroom smells circulating through the house.

Then there are the tasks that need to be done only a few times a year, such as dry-cleaning the carpet, the curtains, and the comforters. Time-consuming activities such as these are best
done as a family activity to promote fun and bonding, instead of being looked
at as a chore.

Certain individuals with spotless homes can spend almost two to three hours daily with just cleaning. There is no better way to promote a healthy lifestyle than making sure that your household itself is pristine. As a matter of time management, it highly advisable for
everyone, regardless of age, gender, or race to spend at least thirty to one
hour each day with cleaning.

On the flip side, some people can live in a house full of garbage for months on end before finally calling professional house cleaning services to take over. Due to the magnitude of the
work, they may end up paying higher amounts. While everyone may not have the luxury of time, house cleaning should definitely be a priority. One’s own space is a reflection of one’s inner mind.

As such, proper care and priorities must be made to insure the tidiness of the surroundings. If time is indeed a problem, there can be arrangement for house cleaning services made minimally but regularly to at least insurance a clean environment. Residential Cleaning doesn’t have to be avoided chore if properly planned.

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