Post Construction Cleaning Checklist: Best Cleaning Tips

October 12, 2019 9:26 PM


Whether you are remodeling your home or a commercial building you still have to get the
space cleaned after your crews have finished up.  There is layers of dust floating around
and you don’t want to handle this task yourself or don’t have the manpower to do so.
That’s why a post construction cleaning checklist is helpful when you need the job
done the right way.

 Hiring a Post construction cleaning services is the answer to all of your problems! 



Post Construction Cleaning Checklist


Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

Before you decide on hiring a construction clean up service make sure you consider
the size of the project and the time frame in which you want it completed. You want
to make sure you stay on schedule so that your clients can get back to business without
any mishaps, making sure the contractors have the right cleaning supplies is critical.



Construction Cleaning Checklist


  • Remove all plastic coverings left over from contractors.
  • Pick up leftover nails, bolts, screws, etc..
  • Check to make sure floors are not damaged.
  • Mop & wax floors if needed
  • Use a shop vac to remove dust & particles from carpets.
  • Stream clean & shampoo carpets if needed.
  • Make sure carpets are dry  before final vacuuming.
  • Remove dust from the walls.
  • Wipe down baseboards.
  • Remove stickers from windows if needed.
  • Clean windows & mirrors.
  • Dust all light fixtures.
  • Sweep drive ways, side walks, power wash if needed.


These are just some of the things needed to complete a final
post construction clean.We hope that our post construction cleaning
checklist has you to decide on if you need to hire a professional
post construction cleaning service to handle your project.


Full Moon Cleaning Services offers a variety of post construction cleaning in
Rancho Cucamonga  and the surrounding areas.  If you need help please
give us a call at (909) 334-1886 for a free no obligation quote.



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