Popular FAQs About Home Cleaning Services

October 30, 2009 5:51 AM

Popular FAQs About Home Cleaning Services

Common sense should dictate what questions to ask when choosing home cleaning services. You want reliable people who will do a good job and won’t rob you blind. But there are a million other details to think about, too. Here are a few other questions that are frequently asked:

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies? Most cleaning services will bring their own cleaning products, from soap to furniture wax to glass cleaner. But some will ask that you supply brooms, mops, buckets and vacuums. Establish who’s responsible for what.

Do you do laundry? Consider yourself lucky if you find a cleaning service that will wash your clothes. You may have to leave special care instructions and your own detergent.

Do I have to be at home? Often, a licensed and bonded company will have a key or can be let in by special arrangement. Usually, the cleaning company comes in while you’re at work. But if you are at home they should certainly be able to work around you.

What about pets? Many people have pets and this is not generally a concern. It may take more time for your cleaner to vacuum furniture and sweep to remove pet hair. However, if your pet is anxious around strangers or if you dog has been specially trained to guard your home, please ensure they are in an enclosed area such as an outdoor dog run or crate to ensure their safety and the safety of the cleaning staff.

How can I pay? This is a critical piece of information. If they come to your home on a regular weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly basis, the company may want a credit card or cash pre-payment. If it’s a one-shot contract, say if you’re moving out of your residence, likely they’ll need to be paid before they leave the premises.

What’s your cancellation policy? If circumstances dictate that you must cancel your cleaner, due to family illness or financial difficulties, find out if they need 24 or 48 hours to cancel. You don’t want to be billed for services you didn’t require.

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