Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

October 23, 2013 3:18 AM

The one thing we all hate to do when we get ready to do our house cleaning is not being able to find the cleaning supplies we need to do the job. Your time is precious on Saturdays so today I’m going to give you some tips on organizing your cleaning supplies that will help you and motivate you want to clean all the time. Organizing Cleaning Supplies

Find A Storage Space

First things first before you can get organized you need to have a storage space to store your cleaning supplies. Place like a broom closet, under a sink, or getting a cleaning caddy will do the trick. Place all you cleaning supplies neatly in what ever storage space you decide to choose.

Organize Your Cleaning Rags

The worst thing you could ever do is but dirty cleaning rags back in your storage space where you store your cleaning supplies, while organizing your cleaning supplies, you also need to make sure your rags are laundered and put in a small handy bag so you will have easy access.

Storing Your Cleaning Equipment

If you have vacuums, brooms, mops, etc.. you want to keep them stored in your broom closet, make sure your vacuum cleaner is positioned front and centered for easy access. If you have a hose that gets in your way a tip is to hang it on a hook to free up some space for you to put your other cleaning equipment n the broom closet.

I hope these tips on organizing your cleaning supplies have been helpful so you get to do your house cleaning without the stress of locating your cleaning supplies. You could always hire a maid service to come in for you to do your cleaning and to keep you organized doing so will free up some “Relaxation” time for you and your family.

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