New House Cleaning Checklist

November 15, 2014 4:46 PM

Checklist  New House Cleaning

Moving into a new house can be exciting and everyone dreams of having a smooth transition from their previous house to their new house. Before actually moving in, one thing that must be on top of your list is new house cleaning because a dirty house is bound to ruin your first few days in your new home. You need your home to be clean and fresh for when you move in so that your transition is easy and comfortable.


The kitchen is the one spot that should be spotless at any particular time and new house cleaning requires that you pay attention to every nook and cranny.

-Ensure that you clean all the cabinets in and out and also that you dust the top of the cabinets.

-The fridge and oven require special attention because most of your food will pass through them.

-Ensure that you clean out and disinfect the oven and the fridge.

-The sink will also require some serious scrubbing and disinfecting before it is ready for your normal daily use.


Bathrooms require a lot of work especially during new house cleaning. Most people are disgusted by the idea of having to sit in a bathtub that was previously used by strangers.Get disinfectant and lots of bleach because they will be lots of scrubbing.

-Ensure that the bath tub and tiles are scrubbed clean before proceeding to disinfect them.

-Don’t forget to clean out the vanity and disinfect all the knobs and handles.

Bedrooms and living spaces

Since your family will be spending most of their time in the bedrooms as well as the common living spaces, during new house cleaning you must ensure that they are cleaned and dusted to give your family a clean environment to spend time together.

-Ensure that you clean out the corners of all the rooms and remove any cobwebs especially in the hidden corners of the room.

-Disinfect all the railings of the stairs as well as the door handles of all the rooms in the house.

-Clean all the windows both in and out.

Ensuring that you home is clean before moving in should be a priority. Most people who move in before new house cleaning usually end up not doing a proper and thorough cleaning of the house. Make time a few days before you actually move in for new house cleaning and you will start your life in your new home with a clean environment where you don’t live in fear of contracting diseases caused by dirt.

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