How To Do A Move In Cleaning On Your Home

December 19, 2016 6:51 PM


Each time you are moving into a new home, you have to clean it properly and thoroughly in order to put the home in the condition you want. Sometimes, it is extremely hard for you to reach your new place prior to the arrival of your stuffs and belongings therefore you are forced to clean around them. There are many things to think about when doing a move in cleaning. You can start with your kitchen as it is the most essential part of your home. If you are doing a move in cleaning, you will want diverse cleaning agents for diverse areas. Although the previous  owners cleaned up before they moved out,  you still have to clean even a little.




Wipe down counter tops and sinks thoroughly.





You can utilize a cleaning solution like baking soda & water to make a cleaning paste. Utilize an oven cleaner
to clean inside your oven and under the hood. When cleaning the fridge make sure to take out all the bins and
refrigerator drawers and clean them individually and  thoroughly.   Ensure that the refrigerator is unplugged
first prior to cleaning. Move it from the wall  to clean behind it as well.




Make sure to check and see if everything has been taken out the kitchen cabinets.  Vacuum and wipe the cabinets inside and out.



When doing a move in cleaning try to clean top to bottom, left to right.  Start by making sure  there are no
cobwebs up high, vacuum the floors before beginning o spray down the shower and tub area, then dust the
fixtures that are up high, then the clean the mirrors, and then wipe down the counter tops, and lastly the sinks.
Now you can  clean the shower and tub areas, leaving the toilet for last making sure to clean top to bottom ,
and cleaning the inside of the toilet last. Wipe switch plates, and doors and doors frames, then mop as you
leave out the bathroom.




Common Areas:

Dust blinds, make sure to get rid of cobwebs up high and down low on walls.



Well there you have it, we hope that you enjoyed our tips on a How To Do a Move In Cleaning For Your Home.
Sometimes you may not have time to clean yourself, if that’s the case  you can hire a professional
move in cleaning service to help you with getting your home clean.









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