Moms Guide To A Clean House

January 16, 2018 3:43 AM


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If you are a Mother you know that cleaning baseboards and dusting furniture and ceiling fans
is not on your “To Do” list everyday! Even though you would love for these areas to be cleaned
daily it’s just not happening due to all your other motherly duties.

I own a house cleaning business and recently I decided to do a full deep cleaning of my entire
home over the holidays since I had the time on the schedule since my employees were busy
doing all our clients holiday house cleaning.


I pulled my stove room behind the wall and low and behold to my amazement I find all kind of
hidden treasures ( side eye)  and because I’m so busy running my cleaning business I tried to
give myself a pass! Nope not gonna happen I should know better, therefore today I’m going to
do better.


Most of you have those cute little cleaning schedules that you never follow, today
as a professional house cleaner, house cleaning owner, etc.. what ever you want to call me,
I’m going to give us Moms a clean guide to a clean house. Its easy, convenient  simple &



Daily House Cleaning


  • Wipe down counter tops nightly after dinner
  • Put dishes in dishwasher after dinner
  • Wash dinner dishes if you  don’t have a dish washer
  • Vacuum kitchen floor & damp mop



  • Squeegee showers after use
  • Wipe down sinks  & mirrors
  • Vacuum floors
  • Wipe down toilet seats  with Lysol wipe or a disinfectant


Living Rooms/ Den

  • Pick up everything off the floor and put in a laundry basket until you can
    put the items away
  • Run vacuum over floor, rugs, etc..
  • Use a microfiber towel and dust furniture quickly


If you do these simple things  daily it will help keep you sane! Yes sanity is all we
Mothers look for daily. Of course you will have to do a through detailed cleaning
bi weekly or monthly, what ever your schedules allows., but hopefully this ‘Moms”
house cleaning guide will get your started to keeping a clean house!!!




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