Is Your House Cleaner Overlooking These Areas In Your Home?

September 15, 2013 8:46 PM

There are so many areas that your current house cleaner could be overlooking wen she comes to clean your home.  That is why it is important to hire a house cleaner that had knowledge of how to properly clean a home.  Inexperienced house cleaners often miss common areas when cleaning that are obvious.

Baseboards & Ceiling Fans are the most overlooked items that house keepers miss when cleaning.  Being that both of these items collect dust often it is imperative that these are not overlooked.  Baseboards take very little time to clean when they are dusted regularly.  Just a quick wipe down with a wet microfiber rag can often solve this problem.  This method will keep them nice and clean if done once a month.  Using a extended feather duster between cleanings will also work.

Behind Your Toilet Bowl is another common area your cleaning lady might forget to clean.  Forgetting this task is one that you might to consider getting a new house cleaner for!  A professional house keeper would know that this area is a must to clean, always communicate to your cleaner that you want this area cleaned at all times.

Door Knobs and Frames are often missed by house cleaners as well.  Its very important for these areas to be cleaned and disinfected for germs to prevent catching cold, flu etc…. especially if you have young children.  Using a disinfect will prevent the spreading of germs.

These are just a few areas that house cleaners overlook when cleaning your home. To make sure that these things are done properly make sure you are hiring a professional maid service that has been trained thoroughly in cleaning homes the right way.

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