How To Tidy Up Your Home In Ten Minutes

January 24, 2016 11:49 PM

Your phone rings and you got company coming over in ten minutes. You take a look at your
home and its a mess! So how in the world do you Tidy Up Your Home in Ten Minutes or less?
I will give you a plan of action to get your home in order and presentable so that when your
guest arrive you hear rate in normal!!!!



Tidy Up Your Home In Ten Minutes


First things first focus on the living room, family room, kitchen and bathroom areas of
the home. These areas are the most common areas where your guest will go, don’t worry
about the bedrooms you can close the door so the guest can’t go in these rooms.  After all
they aren’t coming over for a sleepover. Follow these guidelines to get started.


Tidy Up Home in Ten Minutes

Grab a bin or basket and start putting things that do not belong like dirty laundry, toys,  shoes, etc…

  1. Clear the kitchen counter and load the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen counters.
  2. Quickly pick up the bathroom by flushing the toilet,  close the shower curtain, wipe down the sink
    and counter tops. Wipe down the mirror. Make sure to put clean towels out or a fresh roll of paper towel.
  3.  Take a vacuum and vacuum floors, use a swifter and quickly mop your floors.

Ok you should be ready for company! Relax and take a deep breath, I hope you enjoyed our
house cleaning tips on Tidy Up Your Home in Ten Minutes.



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