How To Remove Soap Scum From Shower

August 24, 2010 7:11 PM

In our quest to keep our bodies clean and fresh, we end up dirtying up our showers hat we work so hard to keep clean.  And before you know it our shower doors  and walls are filled with soap scum.  Soap scum is made up of many different things that is why it is so hard to clean, things like body oils, mold, mildew,  mineral deposits,  and of course hard water.  If you are like many people you have tackled this task once or twice in your life, and the scrubbing can be time consuming and annoying.  There are many easy and quick solutions that I’ll give you for soap scum removal, these methods are tried by our house cleaning company and have proven to work quite well.

Remedies For Removing Soap Scum

  1. In a spray bottle mix warm vinegar and half water. Spray where necessary and scrub with a sponge or scrubbing tool such as a brush or scouring pad. Rinse.
  2. Make a thick paste with baking soda and put on a magic eraser and scrub the area in a circular motion, let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse.
  3. Bathroom Tile Cleaner will remove hard water buildup.

For best results always clean your shower or squeegee it after every use. Wipe down walls with a microfiber rag, and always dry shower to keep mold and mildew from occurring.  You can also use body wash instead of bar soap.  Another trick we use is to wipe down shower walls with lemon oil to keep soap scum from building up.

Once you learn how  to prevent soap scum, it will be much  easier to keep your shower clean and you won’t have to spend hours  trying to remove these stubborn stains. Your shower will be soap scum free!

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