10 Secrets To Hire A Home Cleaning Service

October 30, 2019 5:51 PM

Hire A Home Cleaning Service


I started a cleaning company in 2008 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  I built
this business from the ground up, it wasn’t easy but I did it!  I get asked
all the time by people who are looking to hire someone to help them with
their house cleaning: How do I know which company to hire to clean
my home?


Today I want to get you 10 tips on how to hire a home cleaning service.



Whether you are want to hire a cleaning service for a one time cleaning,
or a deep clean, or just on a regular basis there a few things you need to
know to make an informative decision before you hire a cleaner.



Bringing someone into your home is a big deal and it carries a lot of
risks these days.  You may be thinking it’s cheaper to hire an under
the table house cleaner and just pay them cash.



I always advise people that going this right can only benefit them if
is price is their many concern, then go ahead and hire that
cleaning lady.


But when things don’t go right , remember the saying you get
what you pay for!  There are more advantages to hiring a
professional cleaning service.


Hiring A Home Cleaning Service


Get referrals from your friends and family ask them who they
use for their cleaning company, what they charge, and would
they recommend them to start cleaning your home.




2. Look at the cleaning company online reviews, usually when a
client is happy with the service they provide then they will go
online to give them a online review, there are times when they
review when the service wasn’t up to par, but either way online
reviews can help  you when you are trying to make a decision.



3. Make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded.  This
is very important because of many things 1st one being your
safety, and the fact that if they slip and fall in your home while
cleaning you the homeowner will be responsible because
they are not insured.





4.  Experience. Ask the home cleaning service how long
have they been in business for? This reassures you that
the company is trustworthy ad knows how to clean your
home properly.



5. Always inquire what level of service the company offers
depending on what you need done, you will need to know
if they offer the cleaning services that you need.




6. See if the cleaning service company has employees or
contract workers. While contract workers are sometimes
cheaper to hire , they sometimes are not skilled and
trained to clean your home the way you would like
them to.



7. Make sure the house cleaning company has a policy
for satisfaction guaranteed on all their work either a
reclean of the area not cleaned properly, or money



8. Cleaning Supplies. Make sure they have all the
proper cleaning cleaning needed to clean your



9. Find out what their policies are such as canceling
your cleaning if something comes up and you need
to reschedule your cleaning .




10. Knowing a little about the company you are hiring
is a plus, making sure you get a feel for them when
letting them into your home is a must.




Well I hope that these 10 tips on how to hire a home cleaning service
will help you when choosing the right cleaning service for your home.
If you are in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA area and you are in need of
a professional home cleaning company you can book your cleaning
online or give us a call.








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