How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

March 9, 2015 5:17 PM

For you to enjoy good coffee, having good coffee beans is not enough. A clean and well maintained coffee maker ensures that your coffee does not develop a bitter taste and has a sweet smell.
What you need in cleaning coffee maker include:
– Warm waterHow To Clean Your Coffee Maker
– Soap
– Some white vinegar that is half the capacity of the carafe
– Two dish towels, a dry one and a wet one
Steps to follow
1. Turn the appliance off and remove plug from socket
2. Add soap into the warm water to make a soapy solution
3. Wash the carafe, lid and filter basket using the warm water
Ensure you remove all coffee grounds that are left in filter
4. Rinse the carafe, lid and filter basket thoroughly until they are dry
5. Using the damp cloth, wipe under the filter bucket
6. For de calcification, the coffeemaker must be connected to power supply. Put 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of vinegar in the water reservoir and fill it to capacity.
7. Press clean button and when you see light come on, turn on the coffeemaker. Wait until you hear five beep sounds that imply that the cleaning cycle is complete.
8. Turn the unit back on and if the Clean light flashes, repeat the DE calcification process. If it does not flash, a brew cycle with water only should be done and the unit is ready to use.
– Do not put water inside the unit when you have removed the filter basket
– The base of the unit should never be immersed in water
– Harsh cleaners and scouring agents should not be used in cleaning coffeemaker

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