How To Clean Your Closet

November 6, 2016 11:18 PM

We’ve all been there when we go into our closet and try to find a shoe or a piece of clothing
and because your closet is a mess sometimes its impossible and it makes you want to just
give up! Well have no fear today we will show you how to clean your closet like a pro!  If
you just don’t have the time hire an professional house cleaning service to come in and
clean & organize your closets to give you a piece of mind.


How To Clean Your Closet

1. Take everything out of your closet. Totally Empty

2. Move  everything to your bed if possible so that it motivates your to clean your bed before bedtime .

3. If you have clothes in  storage bins or another area of the home go get those and put them on the bed too!

4. Place all of your shoes in a pile on the floor as well.

5. Sort your clothes into piles.   Clothes to Keep. Clothes To Donate. Clothes to Throw Away

6. Bag the clothes you chose to donate and put them in your car right away so that you don’t have the bags
lying around the house creating clutter and taking up space in your bedroom.

7. Take the pile you have for trash and go throw them away immediately get them off the floor.

8. Take a second look at the pile you chose to keep and try on the clothes to make sure you can still
fit them or you will wear them, don’t  keep anything that you haven’t worn in a year.

9.  Get hangers and hang the remaining clothes and hang them back up in your closet.

10 Put the shoes you have in a pile back into your closet.


Well there you have it tips on how to Clean Your Closet. Now you can relax knowing that  your closet
is clean and organized. Hopefully these tips on keeping your closet clean helped you in some way. Hope
you enjoyed these House Cleaning tips.

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