How To Clean Walls In Your Home

February 7, 2022 6:12 AM

Wall Cleaning

Cleaning your walls is very important if you want your room to have a great, clean look.
The truth is that we all need to have clean walls, as it will help quite a bit. Not only will
people be impressed with the freshness and great look of your home, but it also shows
you take good care of your home too. Which makes you wonder, how can you start with
wall cleaning? Here are some ideas that you need to take into consideration.


Cleaning walls with flat paint 

If your walls have flat paint, then the thing to note is that these are not as durable
when compared to other types of finishes. Which is why you want to use a sponge
and warm water. Avoid using any harsh chemicals, or even things like degreasers.

Doing that can severely damage your walls, and that’s something you clearly need
to avoid as much as you can here. When you use the sponge, avoid scrubbing too
hard. Also, wrung the sponge out before placing it on the wall, you don’t want to
have that much water in it when wall cleaning.


Cleaning latex paint walls 

In case you have latex paint walls, what you need here is an all-purpose cleaner
(non-abrasive) and warm water. Add the sponge in your warm water, wring it
to ensure it’s dry, and start rubbing the wall. What you need to note here is that
you avoid adding too much pressure around areas that are touched ever so often.
You can also use another sponge to rinse, here you can start using some clear water.


Cleaning semi gloss/glossy walls 

Unlike flat paint walls, these are ok if you use a mild degreaser. Keep in mind that
you should follow a simple, circular motion with your sponge and water, normally
this will get the job done. That being said, a soft sponge is recommended, and
remember that these walls can still scratch quite easily. That’s why you don’t
want to apply that much pressure when you are wall cleaning.


Cleaning walls with oil based paint 

Oil based paint on the walls also needs a lot of attention. Using detergent is not
really a good option, white vinegar with some warm water should usually do the
trick. Add the sponge into this solution and wring it, or you can use a cloth that’s
just a bit damp. The idea here is that painted walls like these can easily catch a lot
of dust, so adequate cleaning is required. Some also recommend adding an ounce
of borax to every water pint, just to make cleaning more comprehensive.


Wall Cleaning

As you can see, wall cleaning varies based on the type of wall paint you used.
Thankfully, there are solutions and methods you can use for any type of wall.
It’s all a matter of adapting appropriately, and once you do that, results can be
very impressive. Start cleaning your walls using these guidelines, and you will
be happy with the benefits and experience!

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