How to Clean Grout Using Vinegar and Ammonia

May 18, 2015 2:53 AM

Grout lines easily attract stains and
dirt easily. If not regularly cleaned, they can turn from white to black. Although
there are other agents you can use, this article clearly outlines the steps you
should follow when using vinegar and ammonia to clean grout.

Perform a
preliminary clean up. Do a regular clean up of your tiles, that is, wiping or
mopping using a damp cloth.

Make your
solution. In a single bucket, mix half cup of baking soda, seven cups of warm
water, a third cup of ammonia, and a quarter cup of vinegar. Allow a few
minutes for baking soda to dissolve.

Put the mixture
in a spray bottle. Fill the bottle up to the brim and shake well.

Spray the grout.
This will make it become damp. Give it an allowance of about 5 minutes before
you start working on the grout.

thoroughly. You can use any scrubbing brush.

Eliminate the
dirty liquid. The dirt that comes after scrubbing should be cleaned using a
damp rug. Wipe completely.

Perform the
final wipe-down. After you are totally convinced that your grout is completely
cleaned, wipe the area thoroughly. Make sure the natural white underneath has
been exposed.

Apart from using vinegar and ammonia
for cleaning grout, other agents can be used such as oxygen bleach and hydrogen
peroxide. All these methods are effective what matters is the effort you apply,
especially when scrubbing.

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