How To Clean A Dirty Shower

October 13, 2015 6:22 PM

Deep Clean The Shower Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Clean The Shower

This may sound a little crazy but bathrooms are my favorite to clean.  Having a clean bathroom
makes taking a shower more enjoyable. We clean a lot of dirty showers in our house cleaning
company, so we get a lot of practice when we our clients needs deep cleaning services  for
their showers.  Here are some of my favorite tips on How To Clean A Dirty Shower.


When Is The Best Time To Clean A Shower?

I often tell my clients the best time to clean a shower is when you are already there, makes
sense right? When you finish showering you should go ahead and clean your shower to
prevent it from becoming excessively dirty like the before picture above of a shower
we cleaned in a home where the shower was neglected .  So clean that shower after
you get out of it!!!


Tools you Need To Clean Your Shower

Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner: I absolutely love this stuff!!!!  I personally use this bathroom
cleaner in my bathrooms as well as in our clients home.  My employees  swear by this cleaner
as well.


Microfiber Rags: Use these to wipe off excess water after you squeegee the shower doors.

Squeegee: After you clean the shower doors make sure to use a squeegee.

Scrub brush: You may sometimes have to use a scrub brush when the shower tile
is dirtier than usual , or the floor of the shower is very dirty ( see above picture)

Cup: Use a cup for the hard to reach areas you need to rinse


You will find that if you maintain your shower you can eliminate nasty soap scrum for good by:
Cleaning it on a regular schedule.

Squeegee excess water off the shower door after ever each use.

Keep bathroom cleaner in shower and spray on shower after you
finish taking a shower.

Make sure you shower walls are always dry to prevent mold.

OK so now that I’ve given you these tips are you ready to Deep Clean The  Shower?
I hope you enjoyed these tips on How To Clean A Dirty Shower,  and as always KEEP IT CLEAN!!!




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