How Gross Is Your Bathroom

January 3, 2017 12:08 AM

What do you use to clean your bathroom? Are you using products like bleach and just regular old soap?
If you’re not using a cleaning product that is a disinfectant, then chances are when you are doing your
bathroom cleaning you are not getting rid of germs that are in your bathroom. While some bathrooms
are not as populated as kitchens changing some of your house cleaning habits you can sterilize your
bathroom so that germs aren’t lurking everywhere.




Are your bathroom sinks clogged with hair? You need to make sure that you remove the hair particles
from your drain so that the water can pass through the drains freely.


Bathroom Cleaning


How Often Do You Scrub Your Shower And Bathtub? Hopefully the answer is not Never! Its typical
for you to clean your shower and tub after every use. But we suggest the shower doors daily after
each use, and the bathtub at least every few days only if the bathtub is not grimy and dirty.


Bathroom Cleaning Rancho Cucamonga


How Often Do You Wash Your Bath Mat?  Some people just replace their bathmat when it gets gross
to keep from washing it.  Before you throw away the mat away try washing your bathmat at least once
a week .




Do You Disinfect Your Facets & Sinks Regularly?  When doing your bathroom cleaning you should
regularly disinfect your bathroom faucets and sinks at least once a week to help with bacteria and
germs .


Cleaning Sink


Do You Disinfect The Bathroom Door Knob?  Yes Germs & Bacteria can hid on door handles & door knobs.
to prevent cross contamination you can use a spray disinfectant like Lysol or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
to wipe the door handles in your bathroom. Besides wiping down door handles the wipes can also be used
to wipe down toilet handles and light switches.


Door Knob


Well there you have it,  hopefully after reading this post you wont come to the conclusion that your
bathroom is gross compared to others.  If you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to do the
bathroom cleaning then you call always hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you to save
you some time.









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