Household uses for Lemons

September 13, 2014 9:00 AM

Household Uses For LemonTake a minute and think about all the household products that use the word “lemon” in their advertizing or name. This is not just a random happening for them. We consumers have become conditioned to equating a lemony scent with cleanliness. With that in mind, why not provide your own lemons and save the money for commercial items. In truth, lemons are a natural disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorant.
Disinfectant for House Cleaning
• Kitchen laminate countertops and wooden cutting boards are often used for food preparation, and can become stained and filled with foodstuff residue. Cut a lemon in half, sprinkle salt on the flesh, and scrub the surface, to both clean and disinfect the surface.
• Citric acid is a non-toxic disinfectant, so is safe to use around food and children.
Cleaner –
• A sprinkle of salt on a cut half lemon helps to activate the cleansing. Rubbing with the salty lemon is a safe, non-scratching way to remove rust from clothes, clean bathtubs and sinks, as well as chrome all around the home. Rinse well with water to remove the acid residue.
• Clean copper pots and pans, and solid brass accessories, the same way.
• Tupperware stains can be removed by the same rubbing with salt action. Stubborn stains may have to be left overnight.
• Cheese graters often become clogged with cheese, and it is hard to remove. A lemon half rubbed on the grating surface will remove the residue and save your knuckles.
Deodorizer –
• To fight your bathroom, or your cats’ liter box odors, cut a lemon in half, place in a bowl flesh side up, and leave in the affected area. The offensive odor will be replaced by the nice sent of lemon.
• Unbelievably, some people use a lemon half as the base for their deodorant, topped off with a splash of baking soda. Not good for all day sue, and may sting a little.
• Some lemon peels dropped in your running garbage disposal, with some water, will replace the bad odor and refresh your whole kitchen.
• Place a pot of water containing several lemon wedges on the stove. Let it simmer for a few minutes every hour or so to provide a pleasant scent throughout the home.
Cat Repellent – Cats do not enjoy citrusy scents.
• Grind up lemon peels and spread around problem areas in your yard or garden.
• Treat furniture and countertops the same way.


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