House Cleaning Tips While Kids Are Home For Spring Break

February 21, 2014 7:50 PM

5 Tips On House Cleaning While The Kids Are Home For Spring CleaningSpring Break

With spring almost here, there’s one thing that’s probably lingering in your mind: how to keep the house clean. Spring cleaning obviously takes some time to get motivated and, if the kids are at home for their break, can sometimes be a bit tough. Removing all the clutter and making sure each room remains neat can be difficult. However, it’s not something entirely impossible .There  are several easy tips you can follow to clean your house properly this spring. So here are some tips on house cleaning while the kids are home for spring break enjoy!

House Cleaning Tips Spring Break

  1. Clean room after room. Try to take one room a day and clean it rather than cleaning the whole house with the children underfoot. This will help ensure the rooms are properly dusted and organized.  Once you complete a room, you may want to keep the kids away from
    that space until the other rooms are in order.
  2. Think teamwork. Usually, it can be extremely lonely to be ordered to clean the kitchen on your own. However, if paired with an older sibling or parent, even an 8-year-old can work happily and safely. In fact, team working is beneficial. It helps involve everyone in
    the house cleaning process and provides the kids with an opportunity to learn
    cleaning skills.
  3. Go green. Another tip for house cleaning while kids are at home for spring break is to use non-toxic & natural cleaning solutions that are safe for both people and your pets. Kids love pushing the vacuum sweeping the floor, tossing dirty clothes into the washer and so on, and using eco-friendly products will enable them to participate in the cleaning process safely.
  4. Create a to-do list. Generally, the most important task after get the big job
    done is maintaining it! Think of creating a simple to-do list of your chores and
    try doing at least one activity per day. For instance, wipe the counters in your
    home on Monday, do the laundry on Tuesday, fold the clothes on Wednesday, and
    so on.
  5. Reward the hard work. When all chores are done, plan a family treat. It can be something as simple like pizza for lunch or even a trip to your local video store for a film-fest. This way,
    you’ll likely get better results next time you want the house cleaned as well as sweeten attitudes.

    I hope you guys enjoyed these Spring Break House Cleaning Tips, and as always if you don’t have time to spring clean consider calling a professional house cleaning service to get the job done quickly for you.





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