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September 17, 2014 4:37 AM

Shower CleaningHouse Cleaning Tips |Shower Cleaning

Everyone knows that one of the hardest area’s to keep clean in the bathrooms is the shower.  Why u ask?  Because all  we are doing when we use the shower is use soap and water in an area that we clean with soap and water!  This simple house cleaning tip will save you a lot time. Here are a few of areas in the bathroom we all struggle with the most : soap scum, moldy grout, Here is a definition on each of these:

Soap scum is an informal term for the white solid that results from the addition of soap to hard water. …

Moldy grout is caused by bacteria of moisture in your bathroom after you take a shower.

A Easy Solution

A easy solution to your problems is to wipe out your tube and/or shower after every use.  Make sure they are dry. You are probably saying to yourself  “I don’t want to wipe out my shower every day.”, its too much work! And you are right, it is, but it will solve the problem of MOLD. To keep soap scum to a minimum use a squeegee on your shower doors after each use.

I hope these House Cleaning Tips |Shower Cleaning helped you. You will find other time saving house cleaning tips from Full Moon Cleaning Services here.

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