Fridge Cleaning Made Easy

November 18, 2015 3:50 AM

Cleaning the refrigerator is a task ignored by most of us. If we leave our fridges dirty truth is that we are likely to consume contaminated foods and that will definitely cost you a lot. It maybe a tedious task but very important. You should clean your fridge regularly. In your fridge food spills and if that happens to build up with time you will notice some very bad odor and that degrades the flavor of foods stored in it.

Cleaning your fridge doesn’t have to be so hard. Below are some tips on how to go about it.

  • Making room should be the very first thing. Once you have disconnected your fridge from the power, you should now prepare room for thorough cleaning. Remove all the food stored in there. After your fridge is empty you take out all the parts that are removable the drawers and shelves.
  • Once your fridge is empty, the cleaning process can begin. Arm yourself with a sponge and a cloth and you are ready to clean your fridge. In the cleaning process you can use any of the following ingredients.
  1. Dish soap combined with warm water. Use a formula that is gentle and environmentally-friendly. Once you done cleaning, rinse the surfaces thoroughly.
  2. Vinegar combined with water. This not only removes stains but also eliminates the bad odor from your fridge.
  3. Lemon juice. A very great natural disinfectant. This will remove grease from your fridge and leave it smell great.
  4. Rice to clean the walls of your fridge. You simply dip a damp sponge is some dry rice and scrub the walls of your fridge. This gets rid of the foods that have dried on the walls of your fridge.

The final step is drying off the inside of your fridge including the drawers and shelves and carefully putting them back. Then neatly arrange back the food into your fridge.

Cleaning your fridge couldn’t be made any easier .To keep your fridge free from odor you simply have to put some baking soda in a container and put it in your fridge and you are good to go.To sure to clean your fridge on regularly basis that makes the process way easier for you.


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