How To Deep Clean Gas Stove Burners

July 3, 2016 3:47 AM

 Deep Cleaning Gas Stove Burners


Gas stove burner grates can get really dirty and greasy and can cause a fire hazard when you
are cooking.  Today I will show you how to deep clean gas stove burners quickly and effectively
we use this method on our own residential house cleaning clients. So roll up your sleeves and
lets get down to business!


Deep Cleaning Gas Stove Burners

In our house cleaning business we use several methods when deep cleaning gas stove burners.
In this post we will give you a few of them and you decide which ones you would like to use to
clean your own gas stove burners.


Each method is effective and has been used by our cleaning techs. We clean a lot of homes each
day and these methods have really saved us in tough spots when the gas stove burners are really




  1. Use Vinegar – This method can be used for your daily maintenance if your gas stove burners
    are not that bad.  Put your burners in the sink and spray them with full strength vinegar and let
    them sit for about 15 or 20 minutes.


  1. Then rinse and wipe them with a clean microfiber cloth. All the grease and caked on food
    should now be gone and your gas stove burners should be shining!


  1. Use Baking Soda – Put your burners in the sink and rinse them off with warm water. Put a small
    amount of  baking soda in a small bowl add just a few drops of water making a paste.


  1. Rub the paste on the gas burners and let them sit for about 20 minutes or so. Use a scrub brush
    or a hard old tooth brush and scrub the softened food off the burners and rinse with warm water,
    then dry the burners off with a dry cloth.


  1. Use Krud Kutter- This is one of our most effective ways to quickly deep cleaning gas stove burners.
    place the gas stove burners in the sink and fill will hot water.
  2. Then spray full strength Krud Kutter on the burners, let them soak for about 25 minutes.  Then
    wipe the burners down and then dry with a clean dry cloth. Krud Kutter can be purchased at
    Lowes or Home Depot .


Well I hope these tips on Deep Cleaning Your Gas Stove Burners  help you to keep the clean and grease
free. As I stated earlier you don’t want to start a fire with grease all over your burners when cooking.
Until next time,  and as always Keep It Clean!

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