Cleaning Crayon Marks

March 2, 2022 1:28 AM

Cleaning Hacks


Kids love using their crayon to show off their creative skills. Unfortunately, that also
means you will have to clean up crayon marks from your walls, furniture and other
items. Thankfully, there are some cleaning hacks that you can use in order to
eliminate these unwanted crayon marks, and here are some of the best.



If you have crayon marks from leather, those might seem impossible to remove. But
there are cleaning hacks even for this situation. A good idea here is to mix tartar
cream with some lemon juice. Mix them, add the paste on the stain for 10 minutes,
and you should be good to go. Of course, you need to scrub everything at the end,
but it will help more than you might expect. 


Fabric upholstery 

The last thing you want is to see any crayon stains over your sofa. However, it does
happen from time to time, and you can’t just yell at your kids. What you want to do
is to take action, and there are some cleaning hacks for this too. Generally, WD-40
will help here and you have to let it sit for 10 minutes after you apply it. In case you
don’t want to risk using it, a dry cleaning solvent applied on the crayon marks
should do the trick as well.



In case you have such marks on wood, there are some ways around it. One of the
simplest cleaning hacks is to combine water with baking soda, dip the sponge in
this solution and apply it to the affected area. Once that is done, wipe with a
damp cloth and it will help more than you might expect.



When you have crayon marks on the wall, the baking soda and water method listed
above can be one of the top cleaning hacks you can use. However, you can also use
toothpaste. Make sure that the toothpaste is not gel based however. Scrub the crayon
marks with toothpaste and warm water for around 10 minutes, then you should see
a difference. 


Chairs and tables 

There are times when your child will leave crayon marks on the furniture, be it tables,
chair and so on. One of the better cleaning hacks is to pour wine vinegar on the stain
and let it there for 10 minutes. After that, you can easily use a rag to blot the stain.
Once the wax dissolves, you can scrub it with the brush and then it will be good to
go. This works great even on wood.


Cleaning Hacks

If you see any crayon marks on furniture, on the walls, upholstery and so on, you
shouldn’t worry right away. Generally, with the right cleaning hacks, you will
have no problem eliminating all these unwanted crayon marks. It’s a very good
idea to take your time and implement the right approach here. Of course there
are always challenges that can arise, but these cleaning hacks really help
eliminate the problem, so give them a try right away!

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