What You Should Know Before Looking For Construction Cleaning Services

August 10, 2017 6:14 PM

Construction Cleaning Services


The difference between final and rough cleaning is simple.  The aim of rough construction
cleaning is to remove dust and keep the site free  of unnecessary debris. On the other hand,
final construction cleaning is performed to ensure the new building is ready for its tenants and
that it’s ready for the client’s janitorial services team which will clean it later.  Although the range
of rough cleaning services is limited, it dramatically decreases the time taken to complete final
cleaning. Furthermore, rough construction cleaning reduces overall cleaning expenses.


Scheduling Your Cleaning

You must make sure you solicit construction cleaning services in advance. This will save you from last
minute preparations which are usually hectic. Cleaning contractors will normally ask you to walk the site
with them to gauge the scope and size of the project. You should, therefore, liaise with your cleaning contractors
to warrant an accurate reading of the amount of cleaning required.



Choosing the right Contractors

Despite the fact that construction cleaning services are not the most technical aspect of construction, it
is crucial that general contractors analyze the qualifications of cleaning contractors exhaustively.



Bonding and Insurance Capacity

It is unfortunate that the facility services industry is full of fly-by-night contractors who work
without appropriate insurance. You should explicitly scrutinize contractors that submit bids that
are below par.



Training and Supervision

You must also know who will be responsible for your construction site. Some construction cleaning
contractors use janitorial service workers to supervise construction cleaning. Although these men and
women may pay close attention to detail, they rarely have training that will warrant construction site safety.
You should, therefore, look for OSHA  certified personnel and experienced supervisors.



Administrative Capacity

Not every contractor can partake in construction cleaning since an AIA Billing, and Certified Payroll
Report is required and not all cleaning contractors have it. Make certain that your chosen cleaning
contractor has the report and not only gets the job done but also includes a comprehensive follow
through using administrative employees.



Construction Cleaning Services

Most cleaning contractors get rave reviews after working on private residential projects and small
retail jobs. However working on large multi-phased projects demands complex planning, remarkable
communication and a large and flexible workforce that will quickly respond to prompt schedule
changes. With tight deadlines, it’s important to work with contractors with an exceptional reputation for
success on projects comparable to yours in size and scope.


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