Cleaning Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To know

January 9, 2017 8:52 PM

In this post we’ll  share some of best tips on cleaning that every clean freak needs to know. These tips
on cleaning 
have been tried and tested by our professional house cleaners in some of our clients homes
and have worked  very well for us. Sit back & relax we hope these tip on cleaning can be useful to you
in your house cleaning chores.

  1. Dawn & Vinegar Tub & Shower Cleaner
    Cleaning tips
  2. 12 oz white vinegar
    12 oz blue dawn dish washing liquid
    Spray Bottle Heat the vinegar in the microwave then pour into a spray bottle,
    add the dawn dish washing soap, then shake  the mixture. Use To clean shower
    or tub



2. Barkeepers Friend

Barkeepers Friend
Use barkeepers friend for stains and rust. Pour a little on a scrub pad and
add a couple drops of water to make a paste then scrub the stain.. works great!


3. Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone

Use A pumice stone to get the rings out of your toilet. Bonus cleaning tips:  Wet pumice
stone to clean caked on food in an oven. Make sure the pumice stone is wet at all times
to keep from scratching your oven.


4. Dish wand Scrubber

Fill a dish wand scrubber with vinegar and dish washing detergent
to use to wipe down your shower walls when you get out the shower.


5. Get Rid Of Mold & Mildew With This Handy Guide

Mold Removal

Well there you have it cleaning tips that most of you clean freaks will want to know about!  We’ve
used these tips in our house cleaning service in Rancho Cucamonga CA with lots of success.  Our
clients have ranted & raved about the results these neat little tips have have made in cleaning
their homes,  so we certainly hoped that you have enjoyed these tips on cleaning and you can use
them in your house cleaning routine.


Until the next post .. As always KEEP IT CLEAN!!!!!





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