Cleaning Larger Homes

October 28, 2009 5:03 AM

Today we had a 4800 Sq ft house to clean. It was 2 of us , and wow we were so tired when we finished. The home had 4 bathrooms all of which seemed to be used quite frequently , and 5 bedrooms. The kitchen had all stainless steel appliances. We decided to start with the bathrooms, since that would the most time.  I don’t allow my staff to stand up in the bathrooms while cleaning them. We normally hand mop the bathrooms but today we moped with my favorite mop of all. This mop does all the work for us, it has a large scrubbing pad and we use terry cloth covers and the microfiber cloths. We can cover a large area in no time at buckets or wringing mop heads. Just put your cleaner in a spray bottle and just wet your cloth a littleand then spray the cleaner on the cloth and you’re on you way. The mop can be purchased below. It took usabout 6 hours to finish the home, due to the fact that we deep cleaned every room from top to bottom. I’mso tired i go to get some sleep for tomorrow… Until then, sleep tight.

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