Cleaning Kitchen Appliances the Easy Way

September 7, 2015 10:40 PM

Some of us are not fortunate  to have a live in maid to make our kitchen sparkle, so here I appliance cleaning tipswill show you how to get your kitchen appliances clean the easy way with my appliance cleaning tips.

Nothing beats walking into a sparkling clean kitchen, so lets give your kitchen appliances some love so they perform better!



Refrigerator Cleaning

This is where we put our food so arguably this should one of the cleanest appliances in your kitchen, but not just inside, we also need to clean behind it as well. Take these step[s to clean your refrigerator inside and out:

  • Pull refrigerator out and mop & sweep whatever you find behind it.
  • Vacuum coils with vacuum hose to clear dust& debris, this protects the refrerator motor and keeps it running smoothly.
  • Run some soapy hot water in a sink (use dawn dish washing liquid) add a little white vinegar to the soapy water to help with disinfecting.
  • Wipe down all shelves, bottom of refrigerator, etc…
  • Remove fingerprints, and wipe down outside of refrigerator


Stove top & Oven Cleaning

These days most ovens have self cleaning options. But these are certain spots  that the self cleaning method does not seem to reach,  such as the door hinges, the gunk around the door hinges, etc… so here are a few tips to get  that oven spotless clean:


  • Wipe the door hinges with  soapy hot water & vinegar mix.
  • Use a no fume oven cleaner (easy off) for baked on crud that the self oven cleaning did not get.


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