Cleaning Dish Sponge Do’s and Don’ts

August 12, 2019 7:36 PM

When using sponges to do your house cleaning you need to educate your self on how to
clean your dish sponges so that they are bacteria free.  You’ve probably heard that your
dish sponge in the kitchen is the worst at holding bacteria, this is a true statement as far
as Phillip Tierno a a microbiologist and pathologist at the New York University School of
Medicine.  When you sponge gets moist it makes it easier for bacteria to grow.


Some us think that the toilet bowl and the trash can is the most dirtiest object in our home
but it’s the very thing that we wash our dishes with everyday.  This is mainly because we use
it to clean up vegetables, carcasses of meat, and all sorts of food stuff that can potentially
contain disease-causing]bacteria that will grow in numbers over time. This happens because
of the moisture we leave in the sponges.  Sponges can cause salmonella, which can lead to
skin infections.  It can even cause a life-threatening blood infection in those with severe
immune systems.


Clean Your  Dish Sponge Daily 

Some would say to use the microwave to keep your sponges clean & disinfected.  The
best way is to use a little bleach by pouring some on the sponge to kill the bacteria and
contamination. Then you can pop into the microwave making sure the sponge is wet
leave the sponge in for about 1 to 2 minutes.  Make sure to keep an eye on it to make
sure it does not burn or get too hot. Give the dish sponge time to cool off before you
remove the sponge.  You can also use your dishwasher to clean your sponges as well
make sure to use the heat dry setting.


Rinse & Dry Before Storing 

Make sure you rinse your dish sponge after each and every cleaning.  Making sure you
wring out the excess water from your sponges then store it in a area where the sponge
can completely dry, like a sponge rack etc… rather than storing it under the sink.


Don’t Keep You Sponges Too Long 

When you sponges start to smell bad it’s time to discard them! Primarily  you should
replace your sponges every 2 weeks or so.  So the next time you use your sponge to
clean your kitchen make sure that you have not been using them too long.




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