How To Clean Window Sills And Window Tracks

April 25, 2018 9:00 AM

clean window sills and tracks


Although you probably clean your home on a regular i know
that sometimes you forget to clean the windows sills and
tracks. These common areas need cleaning as well on a



You don’t want to open up your windows when guests are
over just to find out there is dust every where, and hand
prints in the windows.Use the following tips to help you
keep your windows sills and tracks in tip top condition.



How To Clean Window Sills And Window Tracks


Window sills in your home attract a lot of dust that’s why
its important to keep the dust free. What you will need to
clean window sills and window tracks.



Supplies You Will Need

Spray Bottle

Microfiber Cloths

Dawn Dish Liquid or Your Favorite All
Purpose Cleaner



Taking the time to clean your window sills is not all
that difficult, it really does not take much time or
effort. First make sure to wipe down the windowsill
and free it from dust.



Mix 2 teaspoons of dawn in a spray bottle with warm water.
Spray the solution on the microfiber cloth and wipe down
the window sill and frame . That’s it! Its just that easy.
Make sure to dust your window sills on a weekly basis
to prevent dust build up.



How To Clean Your Window Tracks

Dust and insects have a funny way of entering into
your windows and getting into your window tracks.
You may not open your windows much,but cleaning
your window tracks should be a part of your
deep cleaning your home.



You can make it easy and use a vacuum and a crevice tool
to keep your window tracks clean, or put a damp microfiber
cloth with some cleaner on a long handled screw driver to clean
the inside of the tracks. We also clean the window tracks on all
our move out move in cleaning.



Supplies You Will Need

Vacuum cleaner

Microfiber Cloth

Crevice Tool

Long Handled Screw Driver or Putty Knife


Vacuum out the window tracks to loosen up the dirt or
to remove insects. Spray some all purpose cleaner on
the cloth and wipe down the soil from the track.


If the soil is caked on put the cloth on the end of the
long handled screw driver and wipe back and forth
until the dirt is removed. Use a dry microfiber cloth
to wipe the window sill dry. Repeat the steps as many
times as you need to to get your window tracks clean.



I hope you find these tips on how to clean Window Sills
and Window Tracks helpful. If you don’t have the time
to do a through cleaning of your home you can book a
house cleaning
online via our website in just 60 seconds
or less!  Or give us a call at (909) 334-1886



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