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Nothing would make you want to stay at home like a good quality microfiber couch. Microfiber How To Clean A Microfiber Couchcouches are soft and provide the comfort desired on a seat. Unfortunately cleaning a microfiber couch is always an uphill task for many. Removing tough stains using pure water, makes the couch even worse. Make your work easier and enjoyable by using alcohol.

How to clean a microfiber couch using alcohol

First and foremost you need to get the following tools ready, A scrub sponge which should have a scouring pad on one side and a sponge on the other.  A soft scrub brush, Paper towel, and a brittle brush.


Pour some alcohol into the spray bottle. Use this Alcohol to spray a small portion of the couch. A spray bottle helps you not to use excess alcohol.

Remember alcohol evaporates very quickly. As such spray a given area at a time. After that, take the sponge and wipe as hard as you can. Do this on every dirty part of the couch. If your scrub sponge catches dirt, then you have no option but to change it.

After you have cleaned your couch, let the surfaces dry completely. When the microfiber material dries up, it becomes brittle and stiff. At this point then you can use the brittle brush. Another alternative would be to rub the wiped area with the scrub side of the sponge. This will
help clear the fluff that might have formed during cleaning.

When cleaning your microfiber couch with alcohol, be very attentive to the binding. A toothbrush would be ideal in rubbing the binding. Also, if you encounter extremely dirty areas just use a paper towel or even a white old cloth.


Microfiber couch cleaning has become much easier with the use of alcohol. Despite this, we still need to take good care of our couches, always react to spills immediately so that they do not stick to the couch.


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