How to use citrus and vinegar for house cleaning

August 10, 2015 1:10 AM

Are you searching for a natural and non-toxic solution to cleaning up your house messes? Don’t worry you are at a right place.


You don’t need to spend your hard earned money on cleaning chemicals or organic cleaners or head to shopping mall. Instead, you can prepare safe, effective, and pleasant smelling cleaning fluid at home with the help of two simple and effective kitchen cupboard ingredients which is ‘vinegar’ and ‘citrus’.


To use citrus and vinegar as house cleaner, follow the instructions mentioned below:


• First of all, peel the citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. Mixed the peels into vinegar to make a cleaning solution. Remaining fruits can be used in another recipe.
• Put the mixture into jar or bottle. Depending on the size of jar opening, chop the peels properly to be fit in jar. Make sure, entire jar is filled with peels and vinegar.
• Pour additional white vinegar into bottle. Be careful, and leave enough space required to screw the cap or jar lid.
• Put the bottle in a dry and cool area. Allow the mixture to marinate and blend for about ten days. It will mix the essential oils to mix in the vinegar to make potent cleaner.
You can use vinegar citrus ‘house cleaning solution’ on every type of surface. However, test the fluid on the inconspicuous areas especially if you have aim to use it on wood surfaces.


It may discolor the wood but ideal cleaning solution for porcelain, ceramic, stone, and laminate surfaces. The white vinegar is an effective and all-purpose cleaning agent which has been used to remove residue and grime.


And citrus has the powers to dissolve and cut the grease. It not only gives cleaning powers and also leaves pleasant smell. Remove citrus peels form liquid after ten days and discarded it in the garbage.

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