5 Ways To Attract Long Term Renters

October 8, 2019 8:50 PM

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If you own a home or condo in a nice tourist destination and you own a rental business
and you are getting tired of the cycle of having to find renters and qualify them,  or maybe
you live in an area that is getting less traffic than more tourist areas  there is always a way
to drive more people to you location so that you boost your the number of guest you get
either short or long term for your vacation rental.


Advertising you vacation rental can be a task if not done correctly, let’s see if we can find
a easier way of doing this while giving you a better profit, while helping with screening
and checking in guests.


Why Should You Choose Long Term Renters?

Renting you vacation rental for the sake of long term renting can give you a peace of mind
while saving you the hassle of checking in your renters  on a periodic basis, attracting
long term renters helps with cash flow, and not worrying about where you next renter
will be coming from.


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Attracting Long Term Renters

You won’t experience a high turnover rate. The long the guest stays the less vacancy
you will have to fill.  Long term renters will likely leave positive reviews regarding
you vacation rental listing and this can sometimes lead to many referrals.


Gain a good reputation for being a great host and vacation rental property owner
by making sure your guest are treated fairly and have everything they need when
they check in. This will increase your number of bookings in the future.


Consistent revenue will give you the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have
a gap in bookings with every checkout you run the risk of having to wait for a


Cut down on your expenses by keeping every day cost under control with your
vacation  rental.


Invest in retirement if you don’t live in your vacation home, one day you could
plan to live there, but until then you could be making and saving the income
you get from renting your property.


Need help getting your vacation rental ready for your next guests? Interested in
providing your long-term guests with complimentary maid service?
Schedule an appointment with us!

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