The Art Of Speed Cleaning Your Home

November 14, 2013 4:22 PM

Speed CleaningOne known fact is that house cleaning is not going to be at the top of of “To Do” list. Especially when you work hard all week and coming home to a tidy house is really not an priority. But I’ve got some great news for you I’m going to teach you how to gain some free time to enjoy all the things you love doing and still have a clean house! Yes its called “SPEED CLEANING” and yes its WORKS!  These time saving tips will change the way you think about cleaning in its entirety. So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and follow along as we dig deep into The art of speed cleaning.

These tried and proven methods I’m sharing with you I use in my own home and in my maid service used to clean our clients homes on a daily basics, so I know for sure they work!  these tips save us countless of hours used routinely by our professional maids, and in the cleaning industry time is money, so being able to clean a home in just a few hours in order service many clients a day is a must for us.  Lets begin with just a few tip on how to Speed Clean Your Home!

Speed Cleaning Tips

Tip # 1 The most important thing I want to stress is you will spend all day scrubbing and feeling like nothing is coming clean if you don’t let your cleaning products dwell!!!  Let them sit for 5 or 10 minutes and then wipe and rinse.

Tip # 2  Always clean from top to bottom. This is a no brainier. Always start from the top and end at the bottom when cleaning. Doing this insures you wont be re- cleaning surfaces.

Tip # 3  Work around the room once when you begin cleaning Don’t backtrack yourself! I REPEAT Do not Back Track Yourself!  an easy way to do this is carry all of supplies and equipment with you that is needed to clean that particular room so you don’t waste time going back and forth getting things you need to clean that space.

Tip # 4 Use the right tools. You can’t get great results when you are using the wrong tools to clean with it’s just a waste of time. This tip is a major time saver!  You need the right tools to cut your cleaning time in half.

Tip# 5  If its not Dirty, Don’t Clean It! An example would be a book shelf that has a high top shelf wouldn’t be that dirty as the lower shelf.

Tip # 6 Don’t wipe or wet a surface before it is clean. Doing so will just result in you having to start over and re- clean the surface.

Tip # 7 When a surface is Clean  STOP! Don’t keep cleaning it. Doing so will cut into your cleaning time and the Speed Cleaning is not about wasting time. We’ve got other things to do with the free time we will be saving like shop, read, relax, spend time with family and friends, etc.. So once a surface is clean move on!

Tip # 8 Keep track of how much time it takes you to clean a room and each time you clean you want to get faster and faster so that you are shedding your cleaning time in half.

Tip# 9  Use both of your hands when doing your cleaning. If you are using just one of your hands then your cleaning time will be on idle. Rule of thumb is to finish one step with one of your hands, then use the other one to start the next step.

 Tip # 10 Don’t waste time scrubbing if the cleaner you are using isn’t working!  Switch to a heavy duty cleaner and let it dwell for a few minutes first. Some surfaces will need a stronger type of chemical to get it clean, so you are wasting time by scrubbing a surface over and over if its not working.

I hope that you have enjoyed these house cleaning tips and tricks on Speed Cleaning. We all have so much going on in our lives that we need every bit of free time we can grab to enjoy life, home cleaning does not have to be a daunting task that you want to avoid because you live in fear  of how much time it will take you clean your home, its all in the technique, and it does not have to take all day to do it.  There’s a Art To Speed Cleaning Your Home, and with these little time saving tips I hope you can conquer it!



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