Affordable Maids

August 5, 2013 11:31 PM

House Cleaning Rates

Sometimes your every day to day life keeps you from having free time to do the things you enjoy.  Affordable Maids in your area can help you with your house cleaning chores.  House Cleaning Rates can differ from company to company but for the most part try and find a maid service that you can afford and will work with your budget.  Let the affordable maid service know what your budget is and ask them the rate for the type of service you are looking for, some will personalize and customize your cleaning schedule for you, so that it fits your needs and budget.

When you budget is stretched to the limit and you just have no time for cleaning, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. An affordable home cleaning service can be a big time saver.  Professional home cleaning is common with working class homeowners, and single Moms.

Affordable Maids

Tips To Ensure You Get Discounted House Cleaning Prices

  • Make a clear path for the maids to be able to vacuum. Pick up everything off the floors.
  • Clear the clutter
  • If you are on a budget just have the affordable maids clean the areas you need help with the most. This will cut down on price.
  • Clean your hardwood floors yourself. Most maid services change more for Hardwood floors, just ask them vacuum them instead.
  • Ask the cleaning service company if they have any specials they are offering.
  • If you like how the maids cleaned your home, then sign up for regular service, this will ensure you keep a tidy home.

While trying to save money you do need to take some precautions when hiring maids that are affordable. Make sure the company is licensed, and Insured for your protection.  To learn more please call us at (909) 247- 5926 






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