Adventures In House Cleaning

August 27, 2014 5:20 PM

House Cleaning House Cleaning is so boring right? No It’s An adventure

When I started my house cleaning business 6 years ago I expected it easy job! Well let me just tell you as time went on I quickly learned that couldn’t be more furthest from the truth. As it turns out cleaning homes can a very daunting task. But as time went on we got to sit back and the enjoy looking at the finished product of a sparking clean home. It was indeed an adventure in house cleaning we had to endure!

We have several clients and each client’s home is quite different to clean , no two homes are the same. We try and customize our clients cleaning schedule to fit their needs and their budgets, but sometimes this does not always work out. Each visit to a client home on the scheduled day can be a different work scope, meaning the home can be tidy 1 week and the next cleaning it can be a total mess! But it’s so gratifying when we see the end results.

I hope you have enjoyed our post on the Adventure In House Cleaning, remember nothing beats coming home to a clean fresh smelling HOUSE! Happy house cleaning


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