Advantages of Using a Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

September 24, 2014 3:15 PM

Advantages of Using a Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

What is a Vacation Rental Cleaning Service?

Vacation rental services are businesses which offer cleaning
services between rentals for people who own and rent out their vacation homes
throughout the year. It is extremely important that any area which is going to
be rented out is clean. Normal use of any living space is going to result in
dirt and grime accumulating. One of the problems with a rental is that the
tenants often do not take as much time and effort to keep the place clean as
they would in their own place.

What are the Advantages?

There are a number of advantages to utilizing a vacation
rental cleaning service including the following:

– One of the largest advantages that this type of service offers is with regard
to time. Most people are too busy to spend their time cleaning an extra house
on a regular basis. This is especially true when you consider the fact that
multiple people may be renting the house out. A team can handle this much more

Thorough –
A professional cleaning service will likely be more thorough than most people
would be if they were doing it on their own. This means that they will likely
be doing everything from cleaning and sanitizing the restrooms and kitchen to
looking under furniture and within cushions to find any extra grime that may
have been missed.

– Scheduling is exceptionally easy with a professional service. The
schedule can be worked out in advance and it can vary depending on how
frequently the home needs to be cleaned. If you are renting out your home by
the day this could mean daily cleanings. If you are doing it by the week or
month then the frequency could be smaller.

– Having a house cleaned professionally is simply…more professional. And it
shows. It is also a talking point which you could use when pitching your rental
to prospective tenants. It is a point of pride to have a clean home and having
one that is being cleaned by a professional service shows that you are taking
your job as a landlord seriously.


When looking for a vacation cleaning service you want to do
a few things. First you should ask for reviews, references, or recommendations
from the company that you are considering. This is extremely important. Take a
look at their regular cleaning checklist and find out what kind of things they
are offering to determine what their service includes. Inquire about discounts
for regular cleaning services as well. If you intend to have your space cleaned
multiple times a week it will probably be less expensive than opting for a more
infrequent service that occurs once a month.

Opting to use a cleaning service for your rental home can
increase the quality of life of the tenants, make your life easier, and
potentially increase the revenue that you are able to bring in from your
property. It is well worth the time to look into a professional cleaning

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