8 Stove Top Cleaning Tips

October 4, 2015 7:00 AM


stove top cleaning

Does your stove top have caked on crud that you can’t seem to get off?  Owning a house cleaning business we
run into lots of dirty stove tops that makes cleaning them sometimes a task.  The majority of them is normally
when  we are doing vacant property cleaning.  Here are 8 stove top cleaning tips that we find works very well
when trying to get that stove top clean!

Stove Top Cleaning Tips

  1. Remove drip pans and let them soak in hot soapy water, if the pans are very greasy then spray some EASY OFF
    on them before soaking them, this will cut the grease down and will make them easier to clean.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda on the stove top surface and let sit for 30 to 40 minutes and scrub with a non scratch
    scouring pad.
  3. Use a wet pumice stone on the stove top surface if there is caked on food that you can’t get off, make sure
    the pumice stone is wet and mildly scrub it to prevent scratching.
  4. Mix some baking soda & hydrogen peroxide and make a paste (make sure the paste is thick) use a non
    scrubby sponge and the scrub the stove top surface.
  5. Lift up the top of the stove top to clean it as well (yes this part needs to be cleaned too)
  6. Use SOS pads to scrub the stove top surfaces and drip pans.
  7. Use a magic eraser to clean the stove top.
  8. Spray some vinegar on the stove top and let sit for 30 minutes, use a scrub sponge and scrub the stove.


These are just a few stove top cleaning tips that we use to get our stoves looking spotless! We hope you enjoyed
our cleaning tips and and as always KEEP IT CLEAN! until next time.







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