7 Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

September 27, 2015 5:49 PM


Mistake #1

Not being organized. You can never start your Spring Cleaning task without being organized! Write down your
game plan before you begin your spring cleaning task. Writing down what you plan on cleaning will help you
stay on task.

Mistake # 2

Doing it all alone! This is a no no where spring cleaning is concerned. Delegate some of the cleaning tasks to your kids
spouse or a friend, trust me it will make your day easier, and you’ll have less sore muscles!

Mistake # 3

Not having the right supplies and equipment to get the job done right. Not having the right supplies can take longer
to get the job done correctly.  Some must have supplies that Full Moon Cleaning Services uses are microfiber cloths,
a good working vacuum, and a all purpose cleaner.

Mistake# 4

Working to long & hard.  Sometimes you want to finish the spring cleaning task in one day, but that could lead to not properly
getting the job done right, (tip) spray the surface and let the cleaning solution sit before you wipe it down saves your time)

Mistake # 5

Over looking appliances that carry grime!  Check the dishwasher basket, it usually carry grime that is hidden.  Put some
detergent in it and run it on then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Mistake #6

Using dirty cleaning cloths over & over. This is not sanitary.  Always keep a stack of cleaning cloths nearby to make sure
you’re not cross contaminating when you clean.

Mistake # 7

This is the most important mistake you can ever make is to wait when doing your spring cleaning is to wait until spring
to do it!  If you clean regularly you wont have to do everything all at once and you will cut your cleaning time in half.


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