6 Tidying Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

February 1, 2017 3:53 AM

Cleaning Your Home Rancho Cucamonga CA

This is the number one rule for keeping your home tidy and clean!  If you can do it in 2
minutes then just get it done.  This little rule will change your life!  Pick up those clothes
on the floor, put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, these small things take a fraction of
a second to do, while cleaning your home.


Clean Up As You Cook

Start putting the dishes in the dishwasher, wiping down the counter tops, running warm
soapy water in your sink if you wash your dishes by hand,  this will save you time, and
after dinner you wont have a big mess to clean up while cleaning your home.


Make Your Bed Every Single Day

As soon as you jump out of bed in the morning make it a habit to make your bed.  This is a
great way start your day, and when you come home, your room will look tidy and clean.


Put Things Where They Belong

As soon as you see something out-of-place make sure to put them where they belong. Hang
up shirts, pants, etc.. and put them in the closet.  Books go on the shelf, Shoes go in the closet,
you can do all this in under 2 minutes. Get It Done!


Keep Trash Cans In Every Room

Wrappers,  empty water bottles, paper, newspapers, these things belong in the trash can.
Keeping a small trash can in ever room helps cut down on the clutter when cleaning your


Do Laundry Weekly 

We all hate to fold clothes! But if you do your laundry every week it prevents spending
unnecessary time folding and putting things away.


Clean Your Shower After Every Use

In order to stop buildup of soap scum o your shower doors use a squeegee each and every
time you finish taking a shower.  doing this also prevents mold and mildew from appearing
in your shower.


We hope you enjoyed these tips on keeping your home tidy.  Cleaning your home can
sometimes be time-consuming,  and you may not have free time to do so. If you are
in the Riverside, CA area you can hire a house cleaning service in Riverside CA to
keep your home tidy and clean.  As Always Keep it Clean!







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