6 Garage Cleaning Tips

September 30, 2015 7:00 AM

garage cleaning

You open your garage and Holly Molly it appears that it has become the storage unit for all of your clutter.  Because of all
the open space it becomes a open target for suitcases, bicycles, boxes, laundry , etc..  Well its time to roll up your sleeves
and get ready to have a clutter -free space with our garage cleaning tips.

Clearing The Clutter

  1.  To get the most space out of your garage stack your items vertically and use your ceiling to save space.  Get
    everything off the floor, sweep and the clean the garage floors and shelves before you start organizing your items.
  2.  Decide what to keep, throw away items that you no longer have use for kids old toys, clothes, gadgets have a
    clutter -free space with our garage cleaning tips.that dont work, etc… Try to donate some the items that are
    in good condition to Goodwill or to a friend or neighbor.
  3. Organize your items  that belong together so that they are easy to find when you need them, that’s the purpose
    of garage cleaning you can use your shelves, or buy some organizing containers to put things in and label the
    containers so you can find what you need quickly.
  4. Store chemicals away safely preferably under cabinets or on top of cabinets. Make sure you dont store
    anything flammable in your garage.  Make sure the chemicals are in a well ventilated area in your garage.
  5. Store your gardening tools  vertically on hooks that are attached to your garage walls for easy access.
  6. If you car is on the street or parked in you driveway MOVE  IT!!! That’s the purpose of garage cleaning
    now you are able to store you car back where it belongs, hope you enjoyed these tips on
    garage cleaning.



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