6 Foolproof Methods To A Clean Home

December 13, 2015 10:35 PM

Is you house cluttered or messy? Not enough time in the day to keep
your house clean? Home Cleaning  can be a tedious job, but hey someone
has to do it right?

The key to keeping your home clean is cleaning it more than once or twice a month.
I’m sure that sometimes you don’t know where to start, to assist with keeping a cleaner
home, here are 6 Foolproof Methods To A Clean Home.



Foolproof Methods To A clean Home


#1. Keep Everything In Place

Find a place for everything in your home!  This makes it less easier for you not to toss
your items on the coffee table, floors, counters, etc…  Having a place for things to go
elevates the need to create clutter, that when its time to find things you’ll know where
your things are.


#2. Clear Counter Tops

Its very easy to fill your counter tops with dirty dishes, appliances, etc… To stop this problem
keep everything off your counters that don’t belong there, store things in the designated areas.
Put dishes in your dishwasher, and put your cooking supplies in their proper places.


#3. Keep Your Clothes Off The Floor

When we are in a hurry sometimes we forget to put our clothes where they belong
so the nearest place to put them is on the floor,  our bed,  or a arm chair perhaps.
Make sure you have a clothes hamper to put your dirty clothes in, place your
clean clothes from doing the laundry in dressers or hang them up immediately.


#4. Keep Dishes Washed & Clean

Dishes not washed daily can pile up in the sink or in your dishwasher, so wash them
after dinner at night, or run your dishwasher daily to make sure you keep dirty
dishes out your kitchen.


#5. Clean Up Spills

Cleaning up spills right away helps to prevent prevent stains , so address them
as soon as you spill things on the floors or carpet.


#6.  Multi-functional Rooms

Make sure the rooms in your home are mufti purposeIf you have a home office
in the dining room make sure you have storage areas for your office stuff, so
you’re not adding clutter. Create easy storage solutions to file papers


Home cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful and time consuming when you
take the time to keep things organized in your home.

Picking up everyday can keep things  nice and tidy so that you can save time
on your home cleaning chores.  Use these foolproof methods to clean a home,
and you can’t g






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