5 Ways to Use Your Coffee Grounds for Cleaning!

November 9, 2015 5:01 PM


If there is an art which every homeowner embraces is cleaning his/her own house. The main challenge is finding an ideal and cheap way of doing it. The good news to everyone reading this and of course the person he/she will refer to is that coffee grounds can be used exclusively to do that. There is no doubt about the fact that coffee grounds whether used or not still contains a lot of nutrients which can be of many beneficial other than to your body alone. That’s not all because you can still use these coffee grounds when it comes to home maintenance in the following ways;

Cleaning the Fireplace

Your fireplace is always full of ash especially during spring and winter but that does not mean that you just need to sweep it out and you are done. Before you do that, the best thing to do is to sprinkle a handful of coffee ground which is still wet. This aids in eliminating ashes in form of dusts which can choke you when sweeping.

Deodorizing Soap

You may have learned about many DIY ways of making bar soaps but probably never tried that made from coffee grounds. To be better on the prow’s ways, you need to add an aroma to your DIY soap by adding a little of coffee grounds and enjoy using it all through because of an awesome aroma.

Hand Wash

When you are done with chopping garlic or eating fish, your hand will never run short of its smell even after washing it with soap. Worry no more because used coffee grounds can be used together with warm water to keep it away until the other day you will choose the menu.

Sink and Faucet

In most cases, when you have come into contact with something that leaves your hands with a pungent smell is that you will also affect your faucet and sink. For example, after touching a stale food, you will have to wash your hands over these areas. To make sure the smell is dead and gone, coffee grounds needs o be used.

Pots and Pans

The last but not the least way of cleaning your household with used coffee grounds is to get rid of gunk that got stuck on your pans and pots by using them to scrub away.



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