5 Ways To Keep Your Home Healthy This Winter

December 28, 2020 10:15 PM

Healthy Home

A healthy home: We know that in some instances due to the weather
you can’t open your windows during the winter months.  But closing
up your home is not always the answer when temperatures begin drop
where ever you are.



Things like dust mites, mold and contaminants can get locked in and
this can cause health issues like allergies and other types of sickness
for you and your family.  Have a look at the EPA Reports to get a
better understanding of the air quality in you home.



Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Healthy


1. Let Fresh air into your home: At least 3 times a day open up
all your windows in your home you can do it first thing in the
morning, at noon, and in the evening.


2. Keep your home clean and sanitized: A clean home is a
healthy home. Vacuum and dust your home regularly.  Wash
all of your bedding at least once per week in hot water.



3. Use A Humidifier:  You can reduce the dryness in your
home by using a humidifier to prevent mold, doing this
can stop mold from growing in humid conditions.



4. Fix leaks In your Home:  Sealing up leaks in your home
can prevent moisture, mold loves moisture, so sealing any
leaks can prevent mold from attacking areas of your home.



5. Deep Clean Your Home: Some people want to wait
until Spring to do their deep cleaning, but the winter
and after the holidays is the perfect time to give your
home a good old fashioned cleaning.



If you are too busy to clean yourself, or short on time
try hiring a professional house cleaning service to do
the work for you.


Starting your new year with a healthy home will keep
you happy so that you can enjoy family and friends
without the hassle of feeling like your home isn’t
the cleanest to invite people over.


Contact Full Moon Cleaning Services today for a
free consultation or book your home cleaning
online via our website.  Here’s to a very
Healthy Home!

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