5 Things You Forgot to Clean in Your Bathroom

May 29, 2015 6:56 PM

Bathroom Cleaning Bathroom cleaning is a task that you carry out more often but surprisingly there are five common places that you always forget to clean. The bathroom area is always used everyday hence increasing its tendency of getting dirty fast. When it comes to bathroom cleaning make sure you don’t forget to clean the following;

1.Toothbrush Holder

This holder is vulnerable to dirt from the toothbrush itself and also from the surrounding areas since it always stays stationary at the shelf hence exposed to all kinds of bacteria inhabiting the area. You need to wash it with a soap/dishwasher and warm water weekly.

2.Shower heads

When performing bathroom cleaning make sure to soak the shower heads for approximately 20 minutes in a soap solution before rinsing. You can scrub it and also remove any debris that is clogging the water holes.


You should not just flush your toiler while the lid is open. It should be closed to prevent germs from reaching other areas within the bathroom.


This should not just be left to dry but it should be soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar and kept in a dry place before using it again to prevent mold.

5.Faucet Handles

Everyone who visits the bathroom will always touch this handle thus increasing the chances of migrating the germs from another area to this place. Always disinfect it daily when doing bathroom cleaning endeavors.

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