5 Summer House Cleaning Tips

May 26, 2016 3:01 AM

Summer House Cleaning

Spring is come and gone and now your house needs a summer house cleaning.  The weather is shinning
and the kids are out of school making messes every day yes summertime can be challenging!  Use the 5
tips to help clean your home clean and organized during the summer.

Summer House Cleaning

  1. Bathroom
    Your bathroom will take a beating during the summer whether is from your kids sports game
    or just washing off dirt and grime from being outside, the bathroom will get used more often.
    Make sure to keep a squeegee in the shower and a shower cleaner so that when everyone showers
    they can keep the shower doors free of soap scum.

2. Wood Water Rings

No matter how  good you are about making sure you put coasters down on your wood tables
there is always going to be a water ring from kids, or guests not using the coasters. Here’s a
neat little tip to remove the water rings from your tables. Apply mayonnaise directly to the
water ring and let it sit for an hour then gently remove it with a clean cloth.

3. Stainless Steel Appliances

To keep fingerprints off your stainless steel appliances use lemon oil instead of a stainless
steel cleaner. Use a few drops of lemon oil on a clean dry microfiber cloth and go against
the grain when cleaning it to give it a beautiful shine.

4. Keep Washing Machines Mildew Free

Your washing machine will sometimes smell a little bit in the summer. To keep the smell
and mildew from taking over run an empty load use vinegar and some laundry detergent
on the hot cycle, once done leave the door open to air dry.

5. Hardwood Floors

People will be running in and out of your home quite frequently all summer, your hardwood
floors will get dirty quick, to make sure they the floors are getting sparkling clean, use half
vinegar and half water in a bucket and use a microfiber mop and clean your floors.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these summer house cleaning tips, with these little tips your home will
survive the “summer Blues” Set your ground rules now so you can enjoy the season.  Until
next time  Keep it Clean!


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